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it’s started!

School has started finally and it’s going to be a lot of work!  I’m taking 2 intermediate programming courses for C++, and 2 electives.  One in intro to hacking and the other in high speed computing!  Both look really interesting but high speed computing I skimmed through the book and had that what did I get myself into feeling ha ha! 

Other than that it feels great to be surrounded by students better than me in this, it’s a competitive atmosphere and the slackers are pretty much weeded out.  At the same time we all try our best to help each other understand the material, i’m really starting to love computer programming and hope this year I can manage both school and learning web development on my own time!!

I figure if I can devote at least 3 hours a day to web development I’ll be somewhat on schedule.  There’s just not enough hours in a day!  But I finally got that drive back which is all that matters!  Wish me luck!


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Ruby on rails

I haven’t started rails yet, and I’ve been just doing some simple code academy stuff for ruby.  Came across this video for rails and thought it was pretty cool!  Check it out if you haven’t seen it, he shows how simple and quick it is to create a basic app and get it out there using rails.  

keep moving!


Spring semester is starting!

So i’m currently trying to follow the flatiron schools suggested list of tutorials for web development and i’m also looking at the suggested odin project list.    There is so much information online sometimes it’s just to overwhelming!  Where to start!?  One thing at a time I guess, stop thinking and more action!  No more TV!

Right now i’m finishing up on Javascript from code academy.  The syntax is easy enough the concepts so far are the same as C++ I learned in school.  Thank god they forced me to learn C++ as a first language, even though it was hard.  I feel if I could learn that anything else is a breeze!  I plan to go through the recommended list of courses so next is ruby then ruby on rails.  That should take me 2-3 months or so to get the basics.  After that putting all of it together to create an app is my goal!   Mixing up the tutorials with books should do the trick and fill in the gaps.  Apparently I should be going through 1-2 programming books a month??!  Here goes my social life down the drain haha!

I hope I can find the time to do all this, as the spring semester starts I know it’s going to get rough.  If anybody has ideas or suggestions let me know, i’m always looking to work smarter!


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The why!

Hello everyone!  My names won and I created this blog to basically keep myself accountable and become a web developer!  So i’ll post things to keep myself in the game so to speak to complete what ever task or goal I write about.  Maybe I can help some others along the way so feel free to ask questions I’ll get back to you.

I’m currently 28 and finishing up on a computer science degree, yea I know that’s pretty old. it definitely crept up on me!  Looking back I woke up and turned 25 I can’t even remember the birthdays haha!  Because i’m older I feel I have to be more efficient in everything I do, especially in school.  I want to teach myself to become a developer within the year.  School is great to learn programming but it’s not what you really use in your first job as a developer, I will have to teach myself and can’t wait on school to do that.  The curriculum at school is to slow to keep up with real world jobs.  I do like a good challenge though.

I’m sure as I keep writing this will develop into a good story with good tips for improving your coding and accomplishing your goals.  Time is gold and i’m a beginner so much to learn!

I’ll Leave you guys with an interesting article on getting that A in college without ever cramming for tests and losing your mind (stealth studying).  I’ve been using some of these techniques and they do work!  Take charge of your 24 hours and you won’t be disappointed. stay motivated!