The why!

Hello everyone!  My names won and I created this blog to basically keep myself accountable and become a web developer!  So i’ll post things to keep myself in the game so to speak to complete what ever task or goal I write about.  Maybe I can help some others along the way so feel free to ask questions I’ll get back to you.

I’m currently 28 and finishing up on a computer science degree, yea I know that’s pretty old. it definitely crept up on me!  Looking back I woke up and turned 25 I can’t even remember the birthdays haha!  Because i’m older I feel I have to be more efficient in everything I do, especially in school.  I want to teach myself to become a developer within the year.  School is great to learn programming but it’s not what you really use in your first job as a developer, I will have to teach myself and can’t wait on school to do that.  The curriculum at school is to slow to keep up with real world jobs.  I do like a good challenge though.

I’m sure as I keep writing this will develop into a good story with good tips for improving your coding and accomplishing your goals.  Time is gold and i’m a beginner so much to learn!

I’ll Leave you guys with an interesting article on getting that A in college without ever cramming for tests and losing your mind (stealth studying).  I’ve been using some of these techniques and they do work!  Take charge of your 24 hours and you won’t be disappointed. stay motivated!



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