Spring semester is starting!

So i’m currently trying to follow the flatiron schools suggested list of tutorials for web development and i’m also looking at the suggested odin project list.    There is so much information online sometimes it’s just to overwhelming!  Where to start!?  One thing at a time I guess, stop thinking and more action!  No more TV!

Right now i’m finishing up on Javascript from code academy.  The syntax is easy enough the concepts so far are the same as C++ I learned in school.  Thank god they forced me to learn C++ as a first language, even though it was hard.  I feel if I could learn that anything else is a breeze!  I plan to go through the recommended list of courses so next is ruby then ruby on rails.  That should take me 2-3 months or so to get the basics.  After that putting all of it together to create an app is my goal!   Mixing up the tutorials with books should do the trick and fill in the gaps.  Apparently I should be going through 1-2 programming books a month??!  Here goes my social life down the drain haha!

I hope I can find the time to do all this, as the spring semester starts I know it’s going to get rough.  If anybody has ideas or suggestions let me know, i’m always looking to work smarter!


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