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Hey we all stumble sometimes but you have to be careful to not let it hold you back and change the way you go about things.  I read this article and it definitely helped me stop some bad habits i have created.  Everyday you should be getting better at something or its a waste so check it out and tell me what you guys think!  


20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

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I was way in over my head when I decided to take 4 computer science classes! So I dropped one and now I have the time to do my own work whewww! relieved!

The electives I was taking wanted me to learn C and python haha!  Any way back on track with my work.  The intermediate programming class for c++ is great.  Learning all the basic fundamentals and backbone of programming here so I feel if I do well here it’s going to allow me to pickup other languages a lot quicker.  

Oh and I’ve been looking for a new lap top since I was borrowing the one i’m using now, any ideas?  I’m thinking a macbook air since rails is well supported on it.  Plus it looks well made, and is light which is a big benefit!


-keep moving!



I’m currently just learning how to squeeze every hour of my day out.  Originally I planned to do school full time, and do my development stuff at least 3 hours a night.  But because all my classes are all computer science classes its been overwhelming!  I’m currently learning assembly language, intermediate c++, C, and python!  

I think in a few weeks I’ll find that groove but right now, i’m typing this while listening to a python tutorial and my adrenal glands are working over time haha!  Gotta work for it so forgive me if I don’t update for a while.  In the mean time the intermediate courses should be able to transfer over to my ruby and ROR learning.  Any tips or advice send it!  

I need a drink!