Monthly Archives: March 2014

learning pointers and all everything that comes with it!  Busy month so far, looking forward to spring break.  Can’t wait for summer, that’s when i’ll focus on web development and try to hit up every rails meet up in the city!  For now brilliance in the basics is what I need to focus on.  

stay frosty!


help stuck!

Did this real quick there is an error, because no matter what password i enter it always says that its a common password!?  Can anyone see the error?? thanks!

/*This is in c++ by the way, the text file is in this link ( i saved it as a .txt file 

Write a program to detect common passwords.

Read in the given file into an array of string objects (allow for 4000 entries).

Then read passwords from a user and call a function (that you write) to return whether the password is common or not.

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