Developer by spring 2015 or bust!

Well maybe I shouldn’t say bust, i’ll never quit but it’s a good way to set a timeline and keep myself under some pressure.

Two more weeks then finals!  I can’t wait for this to be over so I can start focusing on development!!

My summer plans are to learn front end, back end, and phone gap to create some apps.  Learn rails on the side and hitting up as many meet ups in the city as possible.  It’s going to be busy, but my goal is to become a junior developer by spring 2015!  I got my goals set, and i’ll have to see whether I’ll attend school next fall semester, possibly do 1 or 2 classes so I can focus on creating applications and websites for my profile.  

I know for sure that I can’t go full time at school and expect to learn web development.  There is not enough time to take 4 computer science classes and have room for anything else.  So i’ll have to tweak my approach but very excited for the rest of this year.  Good luck to all you guys trying to become developers as well!


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