Started a new course on web/ app development.  So far it is jumping in head first into front end, setting up a domain, server, and working with version control open source cloud application platform called openshift.  We are creating our own model of a really basic app, that needs tweaking so it can be more user friendly and pleasing to the eye.  

I got a week to come up with a mockup site using bootstrapping and just finding templates online to cut and paste features and attributes.  Then we will work on the back end, and putting it all together. 

I’ve been doing a ruby on rails tutorial on the side as well.  

Summer is so far starting off very busy!  All going to plan haha.  

Meet ups later on to learn anything else I feel I need to catch up on, had my eye on a few rails meetups and a few front end meets.  

need a beer..


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